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The TAVtech Fellowship connects students to Israel's economy by offering them access to Israel's top entrepreneurs and through an engaging educational program, giving them tangible, high-demand, technical skills.


This 3-day bootcamp in H-FARM is in partnership with the Shenkar College in Tel Aviv, the prestigious Israeli University of Engineering, Design and Art.

Addressed to entrepreneurs, students and professionals, this program is designed to define our own strengths and weaknesses, the fundamental starting point to creating a good entrepreneurial project.

Thinking between boxes, developing self-awareness, accepting and overcoming failure: these are some of the subjects that will be delivered by top teachers of the Shenkar College.

Teaching staff includes Prof.Mel Rosenberg and Yaron Haklai, experienced innovation strategist who helps large corporations implement disruptive technologies and promote both internal and open innovation.

Birthright Israel Study Abroad

Birthright Israel Study Abroad is a unique, two-week journey that allows students to earn up to 3 college credits through an immersive, educational experience.
Birthright Israel Study Abroad combines all the adventure of a Birthright Israel experience with world-renowned learning opportunities from leading academic institutions.